The Jack C. Warter Elks Youth Camp wrapped up another successful season hosting 17 groups and over 600 campers who left glowing reviews on their time spent here.

The majority of the groups were young ladies, ages 12 to 17, from various LDS churches. To say they were a pleasure to be around would be an understatement. The girls were well-scheduled throughout the day and late into the evenings. They set up obstacle courses, played ball games, worked on arts and craft projects and community service projects for children with cancer in Arizona. The girls made yarn wigs to look like fairy princesses, Jack Sparrow headdresses for boys and mats for the homeless from plastic grocery bags. At night, they performed their “singing trees” program, where they go into the woods with flashlights and sing as they slowly walk back towards the main buildings. It is a sight and sound that must be experienced to appreciate. Other night activities included writing and acting out skits, line dancing, and playing interactive games like Family Feud. Each day began with a flag ceremony and ended with bonfires.

Many of the campers were able to explore the surrounding area’s offerings through hikes, visiting the wading pools on Workman Creek, enjoying the views from Aztec Peak, and going to Lake Roosevelt.

From the time the kids stepped foot on to the property to the day they checked out, the grounds were full of laughter, music, cheering and lots of high fives! We were told by each and every group that they were thrilled with their time spent here and couldn’t wait to come back!

Over the summer, many improvements to the camp were completed. The large projects included replacing the water pump and installing a solar system. The solar system was a huge hit with the groups! Some of the smaller projects included fresh paint, creating a hiking trail around the perimeter of the property and minor repairs to the cabins, bathrooms and playground equipment. Welcome packets were created, signs posted and access to the camp’s assets were provided.

Thank you for your continued efforts and generosity in keeping this camp alive and thriving! It is through your support that children from across the state are able to enjoy the beauty that is Arizona!