The Steele Children’s Research Center and Dr. Ghishan have extended an offer to a candidate to fill the Elks Endowed Chair in Neonatology! The candidate, Mohamed Ahmed, MD will be joining the Steele Center along with his wife, Nahla Zaghloul, MD. Both Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Zaghloul will be joining the center from Hofstra University/Cohen Children’s Hospital in New York. They will be starting in January 2019 and the level of excitement is palpable at the center! To be able to add their clinical and basic science expertise to the Neonatology Division is both an honor and a testament to the level of research and care being done there.

September was Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and a local family who participated in Steele’s Haploidentical Bone Marrow Transplantation study led by Dr. Emmanuel Katsanis were featured on KVOA in Tucson. Essentially, this study opens up the potential donor pool for children who need a transplant. This clinical trial allows first-degree donors (think parent, sibling, etc.) who may not be considered a suitable match with current treatment protocols to be a match. Traditionally, donors must be nearly identical in order to be considered a match– this protocol allows for a donor to be ‘half’ of this. It is truly a remarkable study that will save many lives.

It is through our support and dedication that these achievements in neonatology and bone marrow transplantations are happening. The Steele Center has become the top choice for families across the country (and even around the world!) to come and be treated for various pediatric diseases and disorders. The care and knowledge that they are offered are truly one of a kind. Continuing our efforts is crucial to the lives of so many children across the state, as well as across the country.

On behalf of AEMP and the Steele Center, thank you ALL for your support and passion towards improving the lives of children. After all, children’s laughter is what we’re after!

Katie Murdoch
Executive Director
Arizona Elks Major Projects